Welcome to the
Multi-Modal Psychotherapy Research Lab
The Study of Evidence-Based Relationships

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In our lab we are interested in psychotherapy research and psychotherapy training/supervision. Questions we are grappling with are: How can we measure the therapy process and treatment outcomes? And how can we help therapists improve their skills throughout their careers?

We are interested in measuring different aspects of the therapeutic interactions; not only the verbal, but also the paraverbal and nonverbal aspects, that might be less conscious and that changes moment to moment.

We use many different observer-rated coding systems to identify what happens in a session transcript or videorecording. With this data, we can better understand trends in patients’ reflective functioning, attachment style, emotional experiences, genuineness, defense mechanisms, coping styles, rupture-repair process, and therapist techniques. 

Besides these observer codings, we are exploring more innovative ways of measuring therapy process and outcome, by using computerized language analyses of transcripts and multi-modal machine learning methods for analyzing paraverbal and nonverbal changes in speech, body movement and facial expressions over time.

This interest in psychotherapy research also translates to research on therapist training. We are interested in the training and development of graduate students as well as the professional development of licensed clinicians. For example, we are involved in research studies which examine the effects of training in psychodynamic approaches, interpersonal skills training for therapists, and individual deliberate practice (watching recordings of one's own sessions to hone clinical skills).

Latest Reasons for Celebrations!


The lab just met in person in May 2022 to connect

in person and celebrate the end of the academic year!

Seven lab members graduated! Congratulations to Nofar, Imri, Barry, Sam, Ayden, Nicole W, Julia K!!!!